Andreas Pröve

Friday, 31.05.2024, 12 pm & 15 pm (about 100 min - in German language)

"Adventure Mekong" is the exciting story of a journey of over 5000 km to the sources of the Asian river.
Andreas Pröve, always in search of the limits of what is possible, has set himself an ambitious goal: a wheelchair journey  along the banks of the mighty river, which connects seven Buddhist countries, is one of the most biologically rich rivers on earth with its unique flora and fauna and, as the "mother of all waters", is the basis of life for millions of people. The journey begins in hectic Saigon, leads via the newly flourishing and prosperous Phnom Penh through the mysterious temple complexes of Angkor Wat, through Laos and finally to tropical Yunnan in China. Andreas Pröve uses all the means of transport available to him, but above all he sets off by hand in his wheelchair, because only this way of traveling guarantees him an unadulterated view of the way of life, the culture and the beliefs of the people. He stays close to the action and makes the acquaintance of Buddhist monks, victims of cluster bombs, Chinese migrant workers and the hard-boiled mountain dwellers on the upper reaches, whose fates Pröve weaves together to create a multifaceted picture of life on the great river.

For him, however, the journey goes on and on - now in an adventurous trekking expedition that takes him to the limits of his endurance, upstream. With the help of horses and 10 porters, Pröve treks for days through impassable and deserted terrain to the source region of the Mekong. At an altitude of 5,000 meters, he finally reaches his destination in a wheelchair: the source of the river, which he has followed through almost all climate zones, over thousands of kilometers and under great strain.

Andreas Pröve, a well-known photojournalist and author, had an accident on his motorcycle at the age of 23 and has been paraplegic ever since. Just three years after the accident, he set off on his first trip to India in a wheelchair and is still touring the world today, driven by the desire to discover and insatiable curiosity. His stage presence is as offensive and up close as his travels. Contagious wit, humor and the openness of someone who loves life also characterize his books, which have reached the "SPIEGEL" bestseller lists.

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