The series of presentations “Faszination. Abenteuer. Reise“ stands for “Fascination. Adventure. Travelling” and is a fixture at ABENTEUER & ALLRAD. Top-class speakers such as Michael Martin, Alexander Huber and Reiner Harscher have delighted an interested audience with their latest presentations during the past years.

"Faszination. Abenteuer. Reise” is also an ideal platform for young and hitherto lesser-known speakers to present their travel reports to an interested audience.

Unknown Central America

By Thomas Rahn & Sabine Hoppe

Thursday 03.06.2021, 12 pm & 3 pm

In their live commented photo report Sabine Hoppe and Thomas Rahn report from the third section of the journey "With the old timer to the end of the world".

Atmospheric photographs and personal stories take you into the mystical realm of the Maya and Aztecs, to snakes and crocodiles in the cloud forest and to active volcanoes of the Pacific fire belt - wanderlust guaranteed!

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The High North of Europe

By Petra & Gerhard Zwerger-Schoner

Friday 04.06.2021, 12 pm

Feel the great freedom! Simply leave everything behind and start travelling. Petra & Gerhard Zwerger-Schoner set out to experience the largest and wildest natural landscape in Europe. With her camper, specially designed for the long trip, her "rolling alpine hut", the goal is to explore the polar north for months. At all seasons, in all moods.

In their search for new horizons, views and of course great pictures, they meet Sami nomads, dropouts and husky breeders, among others. They stand at storming cliffs, smoking volcanic cones, looking into endlessly wide landscapes. And they show how to invest in the most stable currency there is: your own happiness!

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By Alexander Eischeid

Friday, 04.06.2021, 3 pm

With the Vespa from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego

On an old post vespa, Alexander Eischeid fulfills a lifelong dream and at the same time fulfills a postal mission. He brought the waters of the Arctic to the South Atlantic Ocean in Ushuaia. 22 months, 19 countries, eight pistons, two cylinders, three brake drums, unimaginable encounters and unbelievably beautiful landscapes made this journey a real adventure, during which he covered

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Pure all-wheel adventure in Russia

By Konstantin Abert

Saturday, 05.06.2021, 12 pm

In a thrilling, humorous and highly exciting live presentation, garnished with spectacular film and photo shoots, Konstantin Abert leads us through the wilderness of Russia.

On frozen swamps, lakes and rivers, Abert and his fellow travelers experience pure adventure far off the beaten tourist track. Exciting passages on former supply routes and disused railroad lines, river and swamp crossings as well as trips along the beaches of seas and lakes demand everything from the team. The pitches in the middle of the wilderness are fantastic, the evenings spent together are unforgettable.

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As far as the battery reaches

By Tanja & Denis Katzer

Saturday, 05.06.2021, 3 pm

Tanja and Denis Katzer take the Trans-Siberian Railway to Ulan-Ude at Lake Baikal. There they will mount their e-bikes and cycle through Siberia, Mongolia and China on the first stage of their tour. In 338 days, they cover 8,055 kilometers and overcome a good 44,000 meters of altitude (comparable to five times the height of Mount Everest). They travel through the Gobi Desert, along endless grass steppes and over icy passes. They struggle with scorching heat, freezing cold and thunderous wind - always accompanied by their dog Ajaci. In impressive pictures and film sequences they not only capture the picturesque landscapes and the everyday life of the people, but also the soul of these mysterious millennia-old cultures.

A gripping picture and film presentation in which Tanja and Denis Katzer give the audience a glimpse behind the scenes of a still closed China.

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