Crawler Caravan

As CRAWLER Caravans, we produce trailers, motorhomes, camping modules, search and rescue modules, speacial usage trailers and superstructures that can be used in all terrain, road and weather conditions. Rust-resistant, flexible and lightweight structure of aluminum makes CRAWLER products superior to other caravan models in terms of both performance and durability. Thanks to the ground clearance, tire sizes, center of gravity, approach and departure angles of CRAWLER models, it provides a smooth and comfortable trips in all road conditions.

Experience the great outdoors with CRAWLER Caravans! We provide unique off-road caravans, camping modules, and superstructures. Our friendly team is here to help you find the perfect caravan for your next adventure. Come and explore the great outdoors with CRAWLER Caravans!



Crawler Caravans GmbH
Holzheimer Str. 12
D-73037 Göppingen

TELEFON: +49 71613 047623

Standnummer: F06
Kategorien: Offroad Fahrzeuge, Reisemobile & Caravaning, Trailer
Ausstellungsgüter: Crawler Anka 300 - Crawler CMP 190 / Truck Camper - Absetzkabine
Crawler Batu 535 - Craler TRC 458 / Offroad Trailer - Wohnwagen
Crawler Amare - Motorhome / Crawler Otag 385 - Unimog Camper