The series of lecture “Fascination-Adventure-Travelling” has become an institution at ABENTEUER & ALLRAD. Well-known speakers as Michael Martin, Alexander Huber and Mario Goldstein have presented their current tours during the last few years. Goldstein will be a part of next Expo once again and will show his latest hiking-trip along the borderline of Thuringia.

But “Fascination-Adventure-Travelling” is also a common ground for young speakers to present their lectures to an expert audience. Therefore, this series of lecture will be a place of interest for everybody. Further information to the speakers you will find within a short time at our website www.abenteuer-allrad.de

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Thursday, 31st of May 2018, 2 pm
Dauer: approx. 90 minutes

Thomas Rahn & Sabine Hoppe
Far East and Far West
In a vintage car to Southeast Asia and North America

Southeast Asia and North America – two fascinating worlds which cannot be more diverse.


An adventurous journey in a vintage car to Laos, Thailand and Malaysia. Through jungles in tropical regions, chaotic large cities, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and to the Orang-Utans in the rainforest of Sumatra.

Across the Ocean to glaciated valleys in the Rocky Mountains, along the Pacific coast to the United States into the Death Valley.

Far East and Far West – a special show of contrasts. Between East and West, between familiar ground and strange regions. Through jungles and dunes, to Buddhistic temples and large cities.


More information to journey and lecture at www.abseitsreisen.de

Friday, 1st of June 2018, 2 pm
Dauer: approx. 90 minutes

Friedl Swoboda
Round The World – 6x6 Unplugged – „READY TO GO“

It´s not about a past journey Friedl Swoboda will talk about in “Round The World – 6×6 Unplugged – “READY TO GO”, it is the beginning of a journey in an extrem-offroad-vehicle called Steyr-Puch-Pinzgauer 718T, a journey around the world that will last three years.

Swoboda will talk about the time before the start, about ideas and preparations, about experiences and reality. ABENTEUER & ALLRAD 2018 will be the starting point of this fascinating trip. The lecture in Bad Kissingen will be a world premiere.

Saturday, 2nd of June 2018, 2 pm
Duration: approx. 90 minutes

Mario Goldstein
Abenteuer Grünes Band – Vom Todesstreifen zur Lebenslinie

In his latest lecture Mario Goldstein talks about the so-called Grünes Band, a passage of about 1400 kilometers along the German borderline from Travemünde to the border triangle at Hof. Grünes Band ist now the largest habitat connectivity in Germany with 150 conservation areas and more than 600 critically endangered flora and fauna. A place of desire, which has written history and which is full of stories.

About these stories Mario Goldstein is talking about in “Abenteuer Grünes Band – Vom Todesstreifen zur Lebenslinie”. On an 800 kilometer walk he discovered on foot Grünes Band Thuringia along the so-called iron curtain. He met remarkable people with fascinating biographies. But “Abenteuer Grünes Band” is also a reflection of Mario Goldstein himself, a failed escape from former DDR and an impressive parole for the preservation of flora and fauna. An adventure in the middle of Germany, a monumental journey which tells a fascinating story.