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Cook outside with the FireQ Basic stainless steel camping cooking set by Q-Adventuregear

We recently sent our Primus trekking cooker into well-earned retirement and treated ourselves to a two-burner cooker. When we wanted to make coffee on our next trip, we noticed that our only pot had come with the old cooker. And the pan for the obligatory fried egg is not so good for boiling water. So we looked around for a nice pot set for camping and came across the FireQ Basic camping cooking set.

The company Q-Adventuregear, which manufactures the camping cooking set, has long been known for its innovative products for outdoor cooking. We have been using our beloved  FireQ

for years.

The stainless steel FireQ Basic camping cooking set consists of two pots and a pan. The large pot has a capacity of 4 litres and a diameter of 20 cm with a height of 13.5 cm. The small pot has a diameter of 16 cm and a height of 11.5 cm. Its capacity is 2 litres. The pan has a diameter of 22 cm and a height of 5.3 cm. It also comes with an extremely sturdy clamp handle that fits perfectly in the hand. With the handle, you can not only safely take the pots off the cooker and carry them, but also open the lid.

The pots and pans are protected from rattling and scratching with felt inserts and everything together is packed in a neoprene transport bag in which the set can also be easily stored. No need to break fingernails. Also helpful are the two metal rods that plug into each other and prevent the hot pot or pan from damaging the table.

This keeps the table protected.

A special feature of the FireQ camping cooking set are the sandwich bases with a core layer of heat-conducting aluminium. These bottoms distribute the heat evenly and thus prevent rapid scorching. Since the cooking surfaces on camping cookers are usually closer together than on the cooker at home, Q-Adventuregear has put some thought into this. The pan in particular does not have a standard size, but is a special design adapted to the narrower conditions.

The pots and pans have no handle and can therefore be easily stacked inside each other in the bag provided. The pots are well protected and do not rattle thanks to the felt inserts and the neoprene bag that closes tightly.

Everything is well packed in the neoprene bag.

The cookware is suitable for all types of cookers (gas, electric and induction) and can also be used on coal or wood fires. But sooting and discolouration are possible.

In the Basic+ version, a stainless steel drip sieve is also included.

The matching stainless steel strainer is available in the Plus version.

Stowage dimensions of the FireQ camping cooking set with bag: Ø = 24.2cm, H = 17cm, Weight: 3.0 kg (Basic+: 3.45kg)

The FireQ cooking set is also available in the Maxi version with an additional pot.

You can order the Basic camping cookset from Q-Adventuregear.

By the way, you will find Q-Adventuregear - Quantis GmbH at the Abenteuer & Allrad 2021 at stand: C51

Original text in German by: Nicole Woithon-Dornseif - Matsch & Piste

Photos: Doreen Kühr

Queensize Camper

Queensize Camper - Inside 2 improved modular interior for VW T5/T6

Queensize Camper has gone into series production with the "Inside 2" module range. The upgraded version of the extension for the VW T5 to T6.1 now offers even more functions.

For those who are not into do-it-yourself conversions, the camper van conversion market has a lot to offer. One company that stands out for its technical innovations is Queensize Camper. As an engineer, Christopher Weiss has made it his business to develop innovative solutions for campervans that can be installed and removed again without much effort.

New modular concept "Inside 2" extension for the VW T5/T6

His new "Inside 2" concept consists of various modules. The Inside 2 basic package contains a kitchen module and a bed with mattress. The kitchen module is suitable for indoor and, of course, outdoor cooking.

"Inside 2" kitchen module in the basic package

The kitchen module includes a sink with folding cold-water tap (so that when folded in, a completely smooth and closed work surface is created), a water tank for 31 litres of fresh water and approx. 25 litres of waste water, a 28-litre compressor cooler and a table.

In addition, the gas cooker with gas ceran hob is now housed in a separate box, which can also be used self-sufficiently outside, e.g. on a table.

The bed in queen-size dimensions

The bed base consists of two boxes (right/left) and a 3-part slatted frame. The slatted frame is placed over the kitchen module and the turned front seats to make up the bed. The whole thing is fastened with T-bolts in the VW Multivan rails.

The mattress has the largest possible dimensions for a VW bus: 2.0 x 1.48 cm. It is 4-piece and the foam core is horizontally 2-layered with 4cm each = 8cm total thickness. It is available in different degrees of hardness.

Further modules for the VW T5/T6 conversion

The individual components of the Queensize Camper Inside 2 are made of birch multiplex with a white HPL coating. The Inside 2 basic package weighs approx. 162 kilos and can be installed in a few minutes.

In addition to the basic package, Queensize Camper also offers other suitable modules for the VW T5/T6. For example, a cupboard module for the rear or a toilet module including a fold-up wooden washbasin.

Many improvements over the first model:

Christopher has implemented many improvements in the "Inside 2" compared to the previous version, e.g.

The gas-ceran cooker has been moved into a box that can also be used self-sufficiently outside the vehicle (also available separately).
The mechanism of the sliding table is now improved, and the kitchen module can be assembled in two parts (thus easier installation).
The material used is now birch plywood with an HPL coating.
The sink is equipped with the newly developed QC cold water tap, which folds completely into the sink and is flush with a lid. The tap is equipped with a start/stop aerator. A light press on the "button" in the aerator (e.g. with the back of the hand) closes or opens the water outlet and the pressurised water pump switches off - very water-saving in camper operation.
31-litre double-chamber tank (fresh water in the upper half and waste water in the lower half when withdrawn)
WC module with wooden hand-washing basin (fresh water withdrawal now from separate tank)

More information about the modular extension for the VW T5/T6 can be found at  Queensize Camper. By the way, the modules are also available for other vehicle types on request.

Queensize Camper was represented at Abenteuer & Allrad 2019 vertreten. for the first time. This year they have stand: M25

Original text in German by: Nicole Woithon Dornseif - Matsch & Piste