Off course you can.

But please note, you have a walk of about 6 km ahead of you (starting at the train station or down town).

Besides you will be walking through nature protection areas, please follow the regulations.

The busses to get back to the parking area for day visitors or the CAMP-AREA (stops at the train station) are waiting at the exit. The busses park next to each other, please make sure you get on the right bus.

In case you took to wrong bus you will have to take a lap of honor back to the fairground. The bus you are on can´t drop you of at the opposite direction.

Please note, the last bus to the parking area and CAMP-AREA (stops at the train station) is leaving about 20-30 minutes after fair closure – Thursday – Saturday at about 6:20 pm and on Sunday at about 5:20 pm. Please understand, that you must leave the fairground at closing time (Thursday-Saturday 6 pm, Sunday 5 pm) and that later busses are not available.

There is a free shuttle bus from the train station to the fairground but since the bus can only stop there on it’s way from the fairground to the CAMP-AREA waiting times should be planed.

Alternatively you can call a taxi at +49 (0)800 0001215. Taxis are allowed to drive up to the entrance.



CAMP-AREA as well as the parking facilities are indicated.

For ABENTEUER & ALLRAD we rent areas that are used as parking areas during the fair.

To avoid traffic jams please take the exit Bad Kissingen/Oberthulba coming from autobahn A7, then drive towards Bad Kissingen and follow the signs! Please do not use your GPS or navigations system !

In case you are arriving via autobahn A71, please take the exit Maßbach and then enter the address “Kasernenstrasse, 97688 Bad Kissingen” to your navigation system.

Please note, there are no parking facilities for day visitors around the CAMP-AREA.

For adventurous wheelchair users we offer an extra shuttle free of charge again. This shuttle will pick you up at the parking lot for visitors or at the CAMP-AREA and will bring you directly to the exhibition ground.

Our help at entrance and exit is a matter of course in the same way as the shipment of the wheelchair into the shuttle.

You can contact our service-team during the fair at +49 (0)163 7854463 in the time from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Reservations in advance are not possible.

Sometimes a waiting-period is unavoidable but you will be informed right in time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

There are 3 starting-points:

  • Parking area for day visitors (please note the explanations regarding the arrival and please ONLY follow the signs)
  • CAMP-AREA (around the street “Im Lindes” – indicated from the entry to Bad Kissingen on)
  • Bus station at the train station of Bad Kissingen

Of course, you can also use one of the shuttle busses if you are staying at a hotel or guesthouse in Bad Kissingen.

Please always make sure to remember on which bus you have to get to get back (parking area/CAMP-AREA – stops at the bus station). The directions are indicated on the busses at the exit of the fair.


The reservation of a space at the CAMP-AREA is not possible.

Follow the signs at the entry of Bad Kissingen. The entrance to CAMP-AREA is “Im Lindes”.

For further information please have a look at the category CAMP-AREA at VISITORS on our website.

There aren’t parking facilities for day visitors at the CAMP-AREA. If you don’t want to camp there, please use the parking areas for visitors (follow the signs P). Besides, over the last few years we have had complaints by the operator of the Aldi store right next to the CAMP-AREA about visitors of A&A parking on their parking lot. This parking lot is exclusively for customers of Aldi, wrongly parked vehicles could be towed away by the operator.


It’s not allowed to take your bike with you. At the exit we provide a bicycle rack. There you can park your bike. We can’t assume the liability for your bike.

Yes, annually between 1st March and 31st October the Germany-wide smoking, barbecuing and bonfire ban is valid. This concerns the access roads to the fairground, the whole area around the fairground, the fairground itself and the CAMP-AREA.

Yes, you can bring your dog to the expo (except fighting dogs, which are listed in Bavaria  ).

BUT – we are dog owners ourselves and by experience we have to disadvise against bringing your dog to the expo! The most dogs won’t enjoy to ride on a crowded bus (at peaktimes) or to walk between countless visitors on the fairground. Besides, dogs are usually not allowed inside exhibits. Especially at high temperatures, you won’t do them a favor by bringing them to the expo.

If it is unavoidable, please note the following, as well as the house and compound rules:

  • On the fairground always walk your dog on a short leash (no flexible leash)
  • Exhibitors and visitors must not be disturbed
  • If it’s necessary, dogs must wear a muzzle
  • Excrements must be cleaned up by the owner – excrement bags are available at the entrance, coffee bar and in the C-area
  • Make sure to bring enough drinking water with you and to give your dog the possibility to rest at a shady place from time to time

Children up to 8 years including have free entrance.

We offer 1 hour free wi-fi access again. Please find in your wi-fi-setup network “AA Besucher” and follow the instructions.

After using the free hour access you can upgrade for 1 day (4,99 € incl. VAT) or for 4 days (14,99 € incl. VAT).

Whether you want to go for a walk with your dog or you must go back to your car on the parking area to get something – there may be many reasons why you have  to leave the fairground for a short time.

In case that you are the owner of a 4-day pass, you can leave the fairground during the days of the fair (last entry: 1 hour before closing time) as often as you like.

If you own a one day ticket, you have to contact our staff at the entrance gate BEFORE you leave the fairground. They will make a note on your already voided ticket, so you can get back again into the fairground the same day you bought the ticket (last entry: 1 hour before closing time). To get back on the fairground on another day is not possible.

The entry for visitors starts at 10 am on the fair days. Last entry before closing time – Thursday – Saturday until 5 pm and Sunday until 4 pm.

You already have a ticket / 4-day pass?
Visitors that already have ordered a one day ticket or 4-day pass at our SHOP or have bought one at the cash point at the CAMP-AREA are requested to use the left entrance until about 12 am. If you arrive any time later, please have a look at the signs at the entrance, and if necessary, use the right one passing the cash point.

You don´t have a ticket / 4-day pass or guest card?
Visitors who don’t have already a one day ticket or 4-day pass, are requested to use the right entrance to get to the cash points.
This does not apply for visitors with a guest card or invitation letter from one of our exhibitors. They must be changed into a regular ticket at the cash point. This exchange is always free of charge for you.
Exhibitors who hand out their own invitation letters instead of guest cards must register these letters with us. If you have received an invitation letter from an exhibitor which isn’t registered, you cannot change it for free. In this case, you have to pay the entrance first and then get refunded by the exhibitor.

You have bought a ticket for one of the lectures?
If you have ordered a ticket at the advanced sale in our SHOP for one of the lectures on the fairground, you got the information, that tickets for the lectures can only be used with a valid entrance ticket for the same day. The lecture ticket alone is not valid for the entrance. If you haven’t ordered an entrance ticket with the lecture ticket, you can buy one at the cash points of the fairground. The lecture ticket is required for the entrance to the lecture hall (hall 3).

In case that you have lost valuables or personal items, please come to the fair organization tent at the exit, which is also our lost-property office. If the lost item hasn’t be found already, our staff will take your contact details to get in touch with you if somebody will find the lost object later on.

If you find valuables or personal items at the fairground, please bring them to the fair organization tent at the exit.

If you notice any theft, please contact directly the local police station. They are located at Kasernenstrasse 6, 97688 Bad Kissingen – close to the parking area for day visitors. They can be reached by phone at +49 97 71490.

ABENTEUER & ALLRAD is also a sales fair and many exhibitors sell items which you can directly take along. Beside handy items, bulky things like roof tents are sold as well.

Even if exhibitors tell their costumers that they can drive up to the fairground after closing time to pick up bulky items, we must tell you that this information is absolutely wrong!

The fairground is located in a nature protection area – the access is strictly regulated. That’s why, even after fair closing, it is not allowed for visitors to use the access roads.

Off course you can´t take goods like a roof tent on the bus shuttle back to your car. Therefore, during fair opening hours, we offer a shuttle service (with costs) to transport goods to the parking area for day visitors or to the CAMP-AREA. For the booking of tis service, please contact us at the fair organization tent at the exit. Each transport is charged with 35,00 € incl. VAT. The fee must be paid by cash at the booking.

Please understand that there might be waiting times during the peak hours.

Please have a look at our SHOP where you can order the day passes and the 4-day tickets. It is not possible to order tickets for children, discounted tickets (for students, retired or handicapped persons) or family tickets in advance. Please note, that the pre-selling will be finished latest 3 weeks before the fair starts.

Furthermore, tickets for the lectures are also available at the SHOP (as long as available / the lectures are in German language!).

The ordered tickets can´t be shipped before April, thank you for your understanding.

As the lecture hall (hall 3) is located inside the fairground you also need a valid entrance ticket for the day of the lecture. The tickets for the series of lectures are available (while stocks last) at our SHOP. If there are still available tickets, you can also purchase them on site at the lecture hall.