Across Asia in a vintage vehicle in 12 months

Thomas Rahn & Sabine Hoppe

Saturday 18.06.2022, 12 pm & 3 pm (about 90 min - in German language)

The colourful prelude to the adventure 'Around the World in a Vintage Car'.

At the age of 29, Sabine Hoppe and Thomas Rahn say goodbye to family and friends, follow their curiosity and set off into the uncertainty of foreign lands.

They will be on the road for six years and will circumnavigate the globe once during that time, but they have no idea of that yet. In any case, the departure is one thing: more difficult than expected.

On their way east, they cross Europe and Turkey, cross the deserts of Iran, get stuck in a sandstorm and discover fairytale bazaars along the legendary Silk Road. Narrowly escaping the burgeoning civil war in Kyrgyzstan, they fight their way through waist-deep rivers in the lonely, incomparable expanses of Mongolia to diverse China, which holds its very own challenges.

Paula, a very cosy truck converted into an expedition vehicle, is their home and constant companion. At an average speed of 40km/h, they travel 33,ooo kilometres over hill and dale, through mud and sand. Breakdowns are inevitable on the sometimes adventurous roads, whether in the loneliness of the Kazakh steppe or at night on a four-lane Chinese motorway.

"To the End of the World" is an authentic story about a journey into the unknown, a departure into a world full of ups and downs, rich in encounters and grandiose landscapes. A story that inspires to dream and encourages to follow.

Around the globe with e-bikes and long-distance motorhomes - that's the plan as Susanne Brüsch and Silvio Züllig set off on a mobile life in 2019.

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Ticket price: € 10.00 (only valid in conjunction with a day pass or a 4-day entrance bracelet)

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