Travel adventure in the Arctic Circle ICELAND | NORWAY | SWEDEN | FINLAND

Petra & Gerhard Zwerger-Schoner

Friday, 30.07.2021, 12 pm (about 115 min)

Just leave everything behind, set off, take a deep breath and feel the great freedom. Well-known travel photographers and filmmakers Petra & Gerhard Zwerger-Schooner set out to explore the vast polar region of our continent with their camper, their “rolling alpine hut”, which was specially adapted for the long trip.

During their months of travels, the two of them traverse breathtaking landscapes and embark on a special search. What does it take to find true satisfaction in our high-tech society? "Where people live in a balance between the achievements of the 21st century and a deep connection with nature, we have seen the brightest eyes in the world," report the globetrotters.

They visit the Sami nomad Iisaki and live with Lotti, the husky breeder. They are guest of Sina, the young Icelandic horse trainer and meet Elling, the "fish head millionaire" of the North and marvel at Eric, who was the first person to drive his off-road vehicle to the South Pole.

In their search for new horizons, adventures and of course great pictures, they stand on the stormy cliffs of Norway, smoking volcanic cones in Iceland, and look into the endless high valleys of Sweden. They roam through the arctic forests of Finland, meet elks and brown bears and are intoxicated by the dance of the mystical northern lights in front of twinkling stars.

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