Through wild Russia on all-wheel

Konstantin Abert

Thursday 21.10.2021, 12 pm & 3 pm (about 90 min - in German language)

In a thrilling, humorous and exciting live presentation, garnished with spectacular film and photo recordings, the globetrotter, author, speaker and tour organizer Konstantin Abert is guiding through the wilderness of Russia. Out and about on frozen swamps, lakes and rivers in winter, Konstantin Abert and his fellow travellers experience pure adventure far from the beaten tourist track.

At close quarters to the country and its people, the group travels deeply into the countryside of Russia. Exciting passages on former supply routes and abandoned railway lines, river and swamp crossings as well as trips along the beaches of seas and lakes demand everything from people and technology. You don't even believe what cars can withstand! The pitches in the middle of the wilderness are unique and fantastic, the evenings together are unforgettable. If you didn't know why you should have an all-wheel drive vehicle, you will surely be smarter after this presentation!

More information about the trip and the multivision presentation at www.abenteuerosten.de

Ticket price: 9.00 euros (only valid in conjunction with a day-pass or a 4-day entrance bracelet)

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