The wish and reality of a trip around the world.

Susanne Brüsch

Friday, 17.06.2022, 12 pm & 3 pm (about 90 min - in German language)

Around the globe with e-bikes and long-distance motorhomes - that's the plan as Susanne Brüsch and Silvio Züllig set off on a mobile life in 2019.

After a trial trip to the Moroccan desert in the winter of 2019/20, the adventurous duo abruptly gets stuck in the Corona Lockdown. Instead of exploring the unknown beyond European borders, they turn their just-begun life as #HiTecHippies into stationary quarantine on the barely 10 square metres of their overlander truck "Elefantino". World travel training with a difference: on the Swabian Alb for an unimagined 69 days. The programme: Pause, put plans to the test, make decisions ...

The latter will lead "Lady Pedelec" and "Captain Elefantino" to the deserted city centre of Paris in September 2020, which marks the start of their new travel stage. Ahead of them lie France, Spain, Portugal and not least Africa as a vague destination in a diffuse future, marked by the vague certainty of a second wave. This promptly catches up with the German-Swiss team in Portugal. One morning, however, their initially straightforward itinerary through this beautiful country is thrown off course by something other than the pandemic...

In this gripping talk, Susanne reports on the ups and downs of this unusual journey in crazy times. She describes what it means to embark on a life on the road as a couple and to reinvent oneself again and again. Fantastic pictures make you want to rediscover even the well-known destinations in Europe, the sunny south as well as the arctic north.

More information about the trip and the multivision presentation at www.pedelec-adventures.com

Ticket price: 10.00 euros (only valid in conjunction with a day-pass or a 4-day entrance bracelet)

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