Longest unsuported e-bike expedition in the world - Stage 1 - Siberia, Mongolia, China

Tanja & Denis Katzer

Friday, 22.10.2021, 12 pm (about 90 min - in German language)

"As far as the battery reaches". Tanja and Denis Katzer describe in this lecture, accompanied by wonderful pictures, their adventure tour with the e-bike through Siberia, Mongolia and China. Ajaci, the dog, is also a pair run of the unusual kind and is part of the party. The whole thing is not a fixed idea, but part of a big, ambitious project.

And it starts in Behringesdorf and leads first to Moscow. This is where the Trans-Siberian Railway starts on its long journey through Siberia. After 5,647 km, it reaches Ulan Ude behind Lake Baikal. Here Tanja and Denis board their e-bikes (with trailers for equipment and dog, each weighing 150 kilograms) and ride through Mongolia and on through central China to the Chinese border town of Hekou.

So much for the sparse facts. The report of this bicycle tour through a world that is completely foreign to Central Europeans is full of surprises and impressive. There are these incomparably beautiful landscapes with their bizarre loneliness. There are the people with their different ways of life in the high tension field between millennia old traditions and an overwhelming modernity. But there are also the challenges and risks, the extreme weather conditions, temperatures between plus 60 degrees and minus 30 degrees, exotic road conditions and countless other imponderables. The power supply for the e-bikes in the remoteness is one of them, the Chinese smog and the inevitable breakdowns in sometimes bitter cold. It's a case of gritting your teeth, improvising and eventually moving on.

A captivating report about a fascinating journey full of great photos, film clips and moving music!

More info: During their 25-month e-bike expedition, the adventurers cycled through parts of Siberia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. So far, they have covered 17,000 kilometers and overcome 74,000 meters of altitude. The multivision lecture shows the first half of the journey, i.e. to China.

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