House and Compound Rules

of pro-log GmbH, Kapellenstrasse 11, 97688 Bad Kissingen (called „pro-log“ or „Organizers“ in the following)

We welcome you to ABENTEUER & ALLRAD Expo in Bad Kissingen and kindly ask you to respect the following House and Compound Rules on the entire show, exhibition area and camping area (called “Compound” in the following). Being a user or visitor, you accept these House and Compound Rules by purchasing or using a ticket and/or by accessing the compound.

1. General Rules of Conduct

  • Staying on the compound is at the visitor’s own
  • Vehicles may be moved only on purpose, only at walking speed and only on the marked roads and driveways. Vehicles which are parked in violation of traffic rules or instructions will be towed away on cost of the
  • It is generally prohibited to bring to the compound: glass containers, cans, pyrotechnic articles, torches, batons, stabbing weapons, missiles, other dangerous goods, alcoholic drinks. A security check will be performed at the entrances. Our security staff is instructed to perform body
  • It is generally prohibited to record sound, photographs or videos for commercial Any abuse will lead to prosecution. Exceptions will be published by pro-log. By entering the compound, the visitor accepts to be photographed or filmed. Every visitor irrevocably accepts the free of charge use of his pictures and his voice, of photographs, live transmissions, broadcasts and/or recordings on picture and sound, for all present and future media which pro-log or its appointees are taking in connection with the show.
  • The operation of high frequency units and remote radio installations (including WIFI, wireless microphones) by the exhibitor or by third parties affiliated to the exhibitor are principally not permitted in the entire show area.
  • With the exception of pet dogs, the taking along of animals is prohibited unless explicitly approved beforehand in writing by pro-log. With the exception of fighting dogs, pet dogs may be brought in but have to be held at a short dog lead (no roller leads). Upon demand of pro-log dogs have to wear a muzzle. The owner of the dog is responsible for the removal of dog

2. Notice on Photographs

  • The Organizer is pointing out that photographs, movie and sound recordings and other media recordings (generally called “photographs” in the following) are taken during the show on the show ground and in the camp area by authorized persons and members of the press and other media for the purpose of public information and advertising.

These photographs can be stored and used in digital or analogue form by the Organizer, its webmasters, representatives of the media and the Organizer’s cooperating partners of the show for the purpose of public information and for advertisement in execution of legitimate interests according to Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO (European General Data Protection Regulation). This information especially applies to publications on the website, in printed media (e.g. newspaper reports), presentations, photo galleries and social media. When published in the internet, photographs can be accessed worldwide, therefore, we cannot exclude their continued use by third parties.

  • Photographs are recorded only as long as required by the fulfilment of their purpose and not longer than required by the legal terms of storage and filing. After fulfilment of their purpose and after expiration of the legal terms of storage and filing the photographs will be deleted or blocked according to the legal rules of data protection. All visitors and participants approve the taking and the gratuitous use of photographs which may be taken from them to the extent pointed out above. Any revocation is only possible under special conditions according to DSGVO (European General Data Protection Regulation).

3. Camp-Area

  • The camp-area is not a permanent camping site. The area is rented by pro-log only for use during the days of the show and is made available for the visitors according to these house and compound rules.
  • The camp-area is only opened for visitors from Wednesday afternoon of the week of the show and it has to be cleared by the following Monday, 12.00 am. An earlier or later use is not
  • The use of the camp-area is fee-based. The fee has to be paid upon entry to the compound according to the valid price list. The use after 12.00 am of a day is regarded as a new day of use.
  • Any commercial sale in the camp-area is strictly As well, it is not allowed to display advertisements or to distribute flyers, catalogues etc. which are indicating commercial activities.
  • Make sure that you are only using the marked areas, respectively the area which has been allocated to you. Restricted areas may not be entered by walking or driving. Engines may not run longer than necessary for arrival and It is not allowed to wash vehicles, to dig ditches or to fence pitches. Make sure that no person can be harmed from tent pegs, tent strings, equipment or other goods.
  • We are sure that cleanliness and order are as important to you as they are for us. The camp-area and the sanitary installations have to be maintained absolutely Cigarette ends may not be disposed of on the ground. Own waste and empties have to be taken along upon departure. For wastewater, please only use the designated disposal installations. The wastewater of caravans / motorhomes which do not have their own wastewater connection has to be collected in containers. Under no circumstance it is allowed to seep away wastewater in the earth. Never dispose of wastewater directly into sewers.
  • The use of chemical toilets is only permitted with environment friendly agents in sufficient
  • Open fires or heating and cooking with gas outside firmly installed and certified kitchens in caravans / motorhomes are strictly prohibited. Charcoal grills have to comply with technical and fire protection regulations and may only be used up to “Waldbrandstufe 2” (German Forest Fire Level 2). The organizer will inform by posted announcements or by other means in case that the fire protection level is
  • Nighttime peace in the camp-area is between 11:00 pm and 00 am of the following day. During nighttime peace, strictly no vehicles may be moved in the area – entrance and departure by vehicle is not possible. During nighttime peace we ask you for a maximum of mutual considerateness. Please refrain from loud conversations, music, football games etc.

4.        Domiciliary Rights

  • pro-log is in possession of the domiciliary rights on the entire compound.
  • The indications and the instructions of the security personnel have to be
  • In cases of violation of the conditions of the show, the visitor’s rules or these house and compound Rules pro-log is authorized to express dismissals or house bans or to take other appropriate means related to the house ban rights. Especially visitors may be sent off the compound who are disturbing the show, molesting other visitors or exhibitors or who are in another and severe way or repeatedly violating the conditions of the show, the visitor rules or these house and compound rules. Access to the compound may be denied upon the reasonable assumption that the visitor will disturb the show or molest visitors or if he is evidently drunk. In such cases, no compensation for paid admission or utilization fees will be granted. pro-log reserves the right to refuse admission for a compelling reason (against compensation of admission or utilization fees).

5.        Liability

  • pro-log is not responsible for lost or stolen goods unless pro-log has acted with gross negligence or intentionally. Objects of any kind, which are found on the compound have to be delivered to the organizers staff. The loss of objects has to be declared to the organizers staff. The subsequent handling of the found object will be performed according to the legal regulations (§§ 978 ff. Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch).
  • pro-log is not liable for material or immaterial damages of any kind such as theft, embezzlement, force majeure, e.g. storm, hail, rain, water or from trees, e.g. from breaking branches or dropping fruit, leaves etc. Visitors are responsible themselves for the provision of sufficient insurance protection for their
  • pro-log, their legal representatives and their performing agents will only be liable for other damages which visitors suffer on the compound in case of intention or gross This limitation of liability does not apply to claims resulting from injuries to life, body and health. In case of a slightly negligent breach of a primary obligation or a secondary obligation, whereby this breach endangers the fulfilment of the contractual purpose or whereby fulfilment of which only enables proper fulfilment of the contract and on compliance with which the visitor could trust (called „Primary Obligation“ in this document), the liability of pro-log is limited to damages which are typical for contracts and which were foreseeable at the date of signing the contract. pro- log is not liable for slightly negligent breach of secondary contractual obligations which do not belong to the essential secondary obligations.

(Revision: October 2015)

This document is the translation of the German original. For the entire contractual relationship and in case of litigation, only the German version is valid.