You can get accreditation to ABENTEUER & ALLRAD 2021. Please send us an E-Mail. You will receive an accreditation-file as soon as possible.

Please regard our accreditation-directives as well.
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Accreditation Guidelines

As organizer of ABENTEUER & ALLRAD we would like to simplify the access to information about our fair for journalists by means of accreditation.

An accreditation to ABENTEUER & ALLRAD takes place only for journalistic reporting.

Accreditation is possible for:

  1. Holder of a press card of a domestic or international press association.
  2. People who can verify their journalistic work as follows:
  • by presenting a signed article in original
  • by presenting a masthead in original in which they are named as editor or author
  • by presenting a written order of the editorial team for ABENTEUER & ALLRAD
  1. Press photographer, that can believable verify, that they work journalistic. Next to accreditation photos in articles has to be presented
  2. Members of Internet editorial offices that belong to editorial teams.
  3. People who can verify that they work for the public relations office of an authority or institution as well as spokesmen and employees of public relation departments of companies. You need to add an endorsement.
  4. People who can verify that they need press-information of the fair for non-profit purposes. By verification of severe disability an attendant of the journalist will get a day ticket.
  5. Employees of press agencies who guide an exhibitor during the fair will get an accreditation only by presentation of a press card. If a press card is not available we suggest getting in contact with the exhibitor-clients for receiving access to the fair.

By the way, pro-log GmbH reserves the right to check the journalistic work, also by showing a press card. If necessary an ID card has to be shown. There is no fundamental right of accreditation.

An accreditation does not take place for:

  1. People without journalistic authority.
  2. German citizens who live in Germany and show a foreign press card.
  3. People who do not belong to the editorial team under the terms of masthead.
  4. People whose press card is expired or invalid.
  5. People who received an editorial certification via freelancer.

Contact person

Thomas Schmitt

Thomas Schmitt Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH)

Marketing & Public Relations (External Consultant)

pro-log GmbH Kapellenstraße 11 97688 Bad Kissingen

Tel.: +49 (0)971 7854462 Fax: +49 (0)971 7854461 Mobil: +49 (0)171 4525418 E-Mail:

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