Kostya Abert

Thursday, 30.05.2024, 12 pm & 15 pm (about 90 min - in German language)

Travelling across Africa in your own vehicle - at least every second overlander has dreamed of it. Kostya Abert and his team have made this dream come true. The starting point of this transcontinental adventure is Turkey. Kurdistan, central Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the motorhomes are already on the ferry to Egypt. Sudan, Ethiopia, then cross the equator in Kenya and you're in Cape Town in no time - that's the plan. It's your own fault if you plan in Africa! War breaks out in Sudan. It's a 4000 kilometre diversions via Djibouti to Ethiopia and on to Kenya. Lions on the road, jungle tours to the gorillas, Serengeti, Zanzibar, Victoria Falls and flamingos in Namibia - the adventurers reach Cape Town three weeks late and with three million animal encounters.

In this informative, entertaining and highly amusing presentation, experience the adventures and wonderful moments served up to trans-African travellers. Get an overview of the eastern countries of Africa and enjoy the great photos and incredible stories of a unique pioneering journey from Cairo to Cape Town.
Kostya Abert has been travelling the world in various motorhomes for almost 40 years and reports enthusiastically about his greatest adventures in reports, books and on lecture stages. Even though our world hasn't exactly become any easier, there are always options for making the dream journey of a lifetime.

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