Around the world with a camera

Michael Martin

Saturday 10.06.2023, 12 pm & 3 pm (about 150 min - in German language)

Michael Martin, who has travelled the world as a photographer, lecturer, adventurer and graduate geographer for 40 years and whose works have been awarded numerous national and international prizes, presents a unique portrait of planet Earth in his new multivision TERRA.
For five years he travelled around the world with his camera, taking pictures in the Arctic, the Himalayas, the Andes, the South Pacific, Arabia, the Amazon basin, the savannahs of East Africa, the taiga of Siberia and the steppes of Central Asia. Thus, ten Faces of the Earth were created, which present fascinating landscapes as well as animals, plants and cultures in all climatic zones of our planet.
In addition to the worldwide adventurous journeys, Michael Martin also deals with the history of the earth, which was created in chaos 4.5 billion years ago and developed into a planet full of life and diversity. He makes it clear that the earth was in the prime of its development when man entered the stage of life 180,000 years ago and began to shape it and in the meantime also to destroy it.
Michael Martin's new multivision TERRA paints the very big picture of the Earth, it is a bow to the beauty of nature and the miracle of life.


Further information on the journey and the multivision lecture at www.michael-martin.de.

Ticket price: € 15.00 (only valid in conjunction with a day-pass or a 4-day entrance bracelet)

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