Like a fairy tale from 1001 nights

Konstantin Abert

Thursday 08.06.2023, 12 pm & 3 pm (about 90 min - in German language)

Finally the borders are open again. With our own four-wheel drive vehicle we travel through the wild Caucasus, cross the Caspian Sea by ferry and find ourselves again in the vast Kazakh steppe. A mere 3000 kilometres to the east bring us to the northern edge of the Himalayas. The high mountain passages through Tien Shan and Pamir are spectacular and a true Eldorado for four-wheel-drivers.
Oriental markets, medressas and minarets - we are deep in the Silk Road country of Uzbekistan - beautiful like a fairytale from 1001 Nights. Over stone and sand deserts we follow the course of the southern Silk Road. And recently, even the passage through all of Mesopotamia via Babylon and Baghdad has become possible.
Konstantin Abert, one of Germany's best and most stirring speakers, will take you on a hammer tour for every adventurous four-wheeler enthusiast in his live multivision show!

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Ticket price: € 12.00 (only valid in conjunction with a day pass or a 4-day entrance bracelet)

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