Colourful, fascinating, oriental.

Reiner Harscher

Friday 09.06.2023, 12 pm & 3 pm (about 90 min - in German language)

"You will experience Morocco in an exciting variety: it is full of colours, made to glow by its very own light. It fascinates with hospitality and originality, and you take a step into the ancient Orient, at the bazaars in Marrakech and Fez, you are a guest at the travelling shepherds on the edge of the desert and at the festivals in small villages."
Reiner Harscher travelled for many years in off-road vehicles, camper vans and on foot. He captured the colours of Morocco with his camera, experienced a hospitable country that is young and old, loud and quiet, and equally picturesque:
"You experience the rugged mountains in the deep snow-covered Atlas Mountains next to the summer romance of blooming mountain valleys. Golden dunes appear in the middle of a desert of bizarre beauty. Across the breath-taking surf of the Atlantic, you watch the meeting of desert and sea."
Photographer, filmmaker and world traveller Reiner Harscher gracefully immerses himself in the country's nature, culture and traditions with his pictures and films: "Besides Marrakech, there are the old royal cities of Meknès, Rabat and Fez. There, in the medina, you succumb to the temptation to let yourself be drawn into the labyrinth of the souks, only to get lost in it. The senses go astray in the tangle of images and colours, in the maze of a thousand scents and sounds."
For Reiner Harscher, on his many journeys through the country, the challenge in itself is to capture precisely this mysterious part of the ancient Orient, and to reproduce it in images and films on the big screen as if he were there himself.

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